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How To Choose The Best Water Damage Restoration Service?

What happens to a house when a water disaster strikes? A water disaster will result in burst pipes, a leaking roof, flooding, waterlogging, an irritating overflowing toilet, and many things that can disrupt the lives of the residents.

But, you know already knew that and you also know that the next step would be to call an expert to clean up the mess and repair the house. However, it is important that you get the best water damage restoration professionals and make sure that they do not do just patchwork. Otherwise, the solution will be temporary.

So, you have to act fast and act smart by calling the best water damage restoration service. This post will tell you how to choose the best water damage restoration service. But first, let's understand what it is and how they work.

What is water damage restoration?

The entire process of cleaning and repairing due to water damage from step one to the last step is professionally called water damage restoration. It is also called as flood cleanup, water mitigation, water extraction, water removal, and water remediation.

In simpler terms, water damage restoration is the entire process of water cleanup and repair from start to finish, which includes removal of the excessive water, drying furniture and every household item drenched with the floodwater, and finally moving the restored items back to their original state.

These are the common functions, but there are agencies that offer more than the mentioned services like dehumidifiers, sanitizing the place, decontamination, removal of molds, etc.

Steps of water damage restoration

As mentioned earlier, water damage restoration services take care of the damage reversal process from step one to finish. Have a look at the steps of the water damage restoration service-


This is step one that includes determining the category and class of water damage. Based on the category and class, the professionals will decide the best means or techniques to restore the property.

Water Removal

Vacuums and pumps are brought in to remove the excess water from the house or property. The extent of the damage will help the professionals to decide the type of equipment.


As soon as the absorbent surfaces and the standing water are vacuumed, dehumidification and drying begin. You should know that this process can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the extent.


The professionals start to sanitize and clean the personal belongings once the drying process is complete. It is to make sure that there is no unwanted bacterial or mold growth.


The last and biggest step is the restoration process. It involves replacements of materials such as insulation and drywall. It should be done carefully to make sure the restoration is permanent.

Now you know that the water damage restoration services are not about a few people cleaning with a mop, bucket, and sponge! Let us go to the main part - how to choose the best water damage restoration service.

Finding the best water damage restoration service

To begin with, you can look up on the internet and compare how efficiently they perform the said steps according to users and check their feedback and ratings.

However, they will only help you to know about a water damage restoration service to some extent.

To make sure you are choosing the best service or agency, make sure that the agency can do the following-

1. Responds Promptly

As you know, water damage gets more complicated if you do not do anything about it and let days pass. Therefore, it is crucial that you act fast and go for a service that can arrive immediately after you call. You should look for services that ensure a 24X7 customer service helpline.

Once you contact them, ask them how quickly they can arrive and do they have any emergency planning service so that they tackle any unpredictable challenges once they arrive. The next thing that you should ask them is how fast they can restore and clean up.

Also, you should enquire if they have a back-up of more professionals in case they affected area demands more hands.

2. Licensed and insured

Go for water damage restoration agencies that are licensed and insured. In addition to that, consider the professional's expertise and years of experience. You can find most of this information on their website usually, if not ask them!

If you are going to give your house's responsibility to a few people, you should know how skilled and trained they are.

3. Detailed plan

Since it is your house, you should know what and how are they going to restore. Therefore, ask them if their services include giving a detailed plan and action plan, which can also include the cost and the possible scenarios.

When you listen to their detailed plan, you will understand their way of working and ask them then and there if you have any doubts.

4. Latest equipment and techniques

Be careful of the techniques and equipment that they have. Outdated techniques and equipment will not just delay the entire process but also may fall behind when it comes to safety.

Processes like dehumidification, disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning could be compromised due to back-dated equipment and techniques. Remember that you will move back to the house once it is cleaned and you must make sure that the house is safe and the solution is permanent.

5. Handling

A good water damage restoration company will treat your home as its own. They will make sure that they don't handle any household item roughly or carelessly.

If the objective is to get you back to a normal, stress-free, and painless life, then the process should start with step one of the water damage restoration service. Make sure that you hire a service that is known for its efficient handling of the goods.

Wrapping up

A house is a place where you live and build memories. You need to be careful with the water damage restoration service that you are choosing so that you can get back to your normal life after the water disaster strikes.

Contact Kleenly Restoration Services, we have experienced, skilled, and dynamic team of professionals who will standby you 24X7 till your home is restored. Hope this article will help you choose fast and smart.

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